Conspiracy Theories
A conspiracy theory is a belief that a powerful group is secretly fooling or harming many people.

Try inventing your own conspiracy theory:

1.  Who is behind it?
2.  Who are they tricking or hurting?
3.  How are they doing it? Make it as complex as possible, with many unlikely steps and many co-conspirators blackmailed or paid off.
4.  Why are they doing it? Be very vague with loose implications.
Example: Birds Aren’t Real

Conspiracy Theories


5G Radiation — 5G cellular radio waves do not cause COVID-19 or other health problems (allegedly covered up by cell companies and/or governments).
Chemtrails — The condensation trails behind jets are not laced with chemical/biological agents (allegedly harming health and/or for governments to modify weather, reduce population, or mind control).
Mind Control Beams — The government does not target people with mind control beams, allegedly blocked by a tin foil hat.
COVID-19 & Vaccine “Hoax” — The virus was not developed as a bioweapon or a result of 5G. Ample test data shows the vaccines are safe and effective, and do not alter DNA or contain tracking chips. The virus & vaccines are not a hoax for profits or for governments to expand power or reduce their populations.
Vaccines & Autism — Extensive research shows vaccines do not cause autism (allegedly covered up by Big Pharma for profits and doctors who are paid off).


Moon Landings “Faked” — NASA did not fake the moon landings (allegedly to win the Space Race or steal the budget money).
Flat Earth — The round Earth is not a hoax pushed by scientists worldwide (for no alleged reason), with NASA guards who wipe memories of anyone who gets too close to the ice wall edge.
Ancient Giant Trees — Mountains are not the stumps of ancient giant trees that once dominated the flat Earth.
Reptilian Imposters — Shapeshifting reptilian aliens (lizard people) do not take human form as political leaders.
Area 51, Roswell — There is no good evidence that the US military/gov. is covering up extraterrestrials (allegedly to develop alien tech weapons or collaborate in alien plots).
Free Energy “Suppression”, Water-Fueled Car — Technologies for free/low-cost energy are not being suppressed by the government or the energy industry.
Global Warming “Hoax” — Global warming is not a hoax by scientists, governments, environmentalists, or green industries (allegedly to protect research funding, manipulate energy markets, or expand government control).


New World Order, Illuminati — There is no secret government forming to take over the world, and no underground headquarters at the Denver International Airport.
Holocaust “Hoax” — The Holocaust was not war propaganda faked by the US and allies, Soviet Union, or Jews.
JFK Assassination — There is no strong evidence that President Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA, Mafia, KGB, Lyndon B. Johnson, or Fidel Castro.
Princess Diana’s Death — Princess Diana was not assassinated by MI6 or the Royal Family (allegedly because they worried she might marry a non-Christian).
9/11 “Inside Job” — The US government did not plan or allow the 9/11 terrorists attacks (allegedly as a pretext to invade Iraq and Afghanistan).
Sandy Hook & Parkland Shootings “Hoax” — The killings at Sandy Hook Elementary & Stoneman Douglas HS were not planned or faked by the government (allegedly to encourage gun-control).
Epstein’s Death — Jeffrey Epstein was not murdered by “powerful people” (allegedly because he had evidence against them).
QAnon, Pizzagate — There is no cabal of Satanic cannibals trafficking children for sex and conspiring against Trump.
2020 Election “Stolen” — There was no significant voter fraud in the presidential election (allegedly by Democrats, RINOs, antifa, Communists, or other countries).

Actual Conspiracies


Tuskegee Syphilis Study — 1932-72. The US gov. studied 399 black men who had syphilis, without informing them of the disease, and prevented them from getting treatment.
Unit 731 — 1936-45. The Japanese Army secretly tested biological & chemical weapons and torture on mostly Chinese civilians of all ages.
Mustard Gas Experiments on Race — 1940s. The US Army secretly tested mustard gas on 60,000 US troops grouped by race.
See Abstract
The Holocaust — 1941-45. German Nazis killed 6 million Jews plus other ethnicities, religions, Blacks, disabled, and gays. While the imprisonment and forced labor was not secret, the genocide and quasi-medical experiments were somewhat secret.
Operation Paperclip, Operation Osoaviakhim — 1945-59. The US gov. employed 1600 Nazi scientists/engineers, moving them to the US. In 1946, Soviet Union moved and employed 2500 Nazi scientists/engineers.
MKUltra — 1953-73. The CIA tested LSD & other drugs and tortured people without their knowledge/consent to develop interrogation techniques.
COINTELPRO — 1956-71. The FBI infiltrated and discredited “subversive” groups for civil rights, feminism, anti-war, environmentalism, communism, KKK, etc., using harassment, false evidence, imprisonment, violence, and assassination.
Global Surveillance — Leaked in 2013 by Edward Snowden, the US NSA and several other countries secretly collaborate to spy on their own citizens, corporations, and each other, including call logs, phone tracking, emails, texts, chats, and browsing histories.


Phoebus Cartel — 1925-39. Light bulb manufacturers in US and Europe colluded to fix prices and reduce the lifespan of bulbs from 2500 hours to 1000 hours.
Big Tobacco — After 1952 research showed smoking causes cancer, tobacco companies ran disinformation campaigns for decades, and designed cigarettes to give false tar readings on mandated testing.  See More

This list doesn’t include small-scale or single-company cover-ups, like Watergate or Enron.