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These free lessons fill a critical gap in the science and math curriculum, grades 8-12. Too many students are unable to distinguish information from disinformation, anecdotal evidence from empirical evidence, science from pseudoscience, evidence-based medicine from alternative medicine, cures from quackery, and fact from conspiracy theories.

The Next Generation Science Standards do require students to learn the nature of science and evidence, but they do not specify enough detail. There are no requirements to learn about randomized control groups and placebos, and research data shows much more class-time is spent on specific facts like covalent bonds than on what qualifies as scientific evidence. And the Common Core standards have no requirement to detect misleading graphs and statistics.

These lessons are part of the broader Critical Thinking Project — to teach beyond the facts and develop specific critical thinking skills across all subjects in K-12.

Students should relearn these lessons every year. Otherwise, without reinforcement, students are prone to fall back from analytical thinking to intuition.

Lessons & Quizzes

Lessons are slideshows with voiceover, and they include interactive questions to check for comprehension. Each lesson takes about 10-15 minutes. Anyone can access lessons from the home page. As a teacher, you can also login and assign lessons to your students so you can see their scores.

Quizzes are multiple-choice and multiple-answer, with under 20 questions. As a teacher you must login to assign quizzes to your students; they cannot access them on their own.

Note: There are no quizzes for Misleading Graphs & Statistics because the lessons already contain simple quiz questions.

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Homework & Discussion

Suggestions to go beyond these lessons:

Design a Controlled Study assuming you had unlimited resources. What would you test to see if it works on people or not? What would you use as a placebo (if any)? How could you keep it blinded (if possible)? How would you measure it before and after?

Find a product with Misleading Labeling about how healthy it is. What do they want you to believe? What does its disclaimer say?

Find an ad for a Scam Product. What claims does it make that are false or at least unproven?

Find a product that says it is Natural, or implies something like farm-fresh, homemade, etc. Assess whether it really is more natural than other options or just a lie.

What is something Artificial that people should not be afraid of? Explain why.

Research a Pseudoscience or Alternative Medicine. What part of it sounds logical and appealing? Describe the studies that disprove it.

Make a poster about an Old Wives’ Tale showing that is incorrect.

Research some Health Advice that is commonly misunderstood. What part is correct, and what part is wrong?

Research a Conspiracy Theory. Evaluate 1) how hard it would be to keep a secret, and 2) how realistic is their reason for tricking everyone.

Find a Misleading Graph or Statistic in the news, social media, or website. What are they trying to hide?


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Curriculum, art, narration, and app developed by David Hundsness. This and other learning apps are part of my Critical Thinking Project for education reform, all provided for free.

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